Red Curly Matted Hair Sandpoint Bigfoot

I joined this group for a reason, so here are my experiences..
In a cabin surrounded by woods, woods that connect to the mountains in Selle valley north of Sandpoint; I had smelt/ heard BF. In this location, I also saw a white orb in the tree tops.
But, it was in a location deeper in the mountain that I saw a BF.

I had just moved into this house 2 weeks prior. Did not know my neibors and was living alone. I had set up my surveillance cameras, dvr ( I tell you now, no… hard drive, I was to get that later; additional 100$)

July 14, 2014, I heard kids on the drive way, I had been here 2 weeks and did not know my neibors. So I got up to look at the monitor to see who my neibors were.. The house sat on a somewhat cliff, where below was lush vegetation and creek. My neibor kids were walking down the driveway toward the street (where the creek runs along) …

I had 4 window (cameras) showing on the monitor, as I looked at the frame of the driveway I saw my neighbors walking, there was movement in another frame that caught my eye…the picture is burned in…

Red curly hair matted head and shoulders…a huge humped back.
Walked thru my frame. This camera was at the back of the house shooting the backyard and fence, the figure walked past this 6′ fence. I saw it for about 2/3 seconds.

My reaction was to grab my shotgun and run to the front door where it was heading…this took all of 5 seconds..there was nothing when I looked out the window.

I measured from the ground to the approx height…7 1/2′. He would have been. He came up from below the house ( the drop off) and was heading in the opposite direction than the neibors on the opposite side of the house.
I gather to avoid them.

The color was reddish brown or camel color. Head was tilted forward.
This area is not the kind of place you walk around in someone’s yard.
This road had a big reputation for being tough and wild. (Don’t want to mess with these people) Regular gunshots etc. There was not a man in a suit.

My reaction was typical…shotgun.
I saw it clear as day on my monitor , and don’t question the existence at all.
The circumstances are indisputable, I know this area. BF is real. Yes it scared me, and kept me indoors.

Bigfoot Circles Hunters Tree Stand


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