Bigfoot near Bluff Creek to the north of Orleans in California – video

In 1967, Roger Patterson and his friend Bob Gimlin were exploring the woods near Bluff Creek in California when they stumbled upon an unusual sight. A peculiar creature was crouched nearby, but as it stood up, they observed it to be a tall, bipedal, ape-like hominid covered in dark hair.

Reacting swiftly, Patterson grabbed his camera from his pack and began filming the creature as it walked away. The creature, later dubbed ‘Bigfoot’, even glanced back at the men before vanishing into the trees, seemingly unfazed by their presence.

This recorded video became one of the most renowned pieces of evidence in cryptozoology and has sparked controversy and debate for decades. While some assert that the footage is a skillful hoax, there are still believers who maintain its authenticity to this day.

In a recent development, the footage has been meticulously stabilized by M.K. Davis, offering the clearest view to date of the mysterious encounter between the two men and the enigmatic creature, almost half a century ago.


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